Thursday, June 25, 2009

3.14 Pie

OK that was a bad title to this post but whatever. Now we have seen that all Pie is good for is running. He obviously doesn't pay attention to someone running around the bases. I've heard alot about how bad Wieters messed up and yea he did but you cant tell me that play was ruined because of him Felix showed everyone that he wont be starting for quite a long time. At this moment the Orioles are losing 6 nothing so I guess some Magic is going to be needed tonight.

I got some mail today quite a few vintage reprints which doesn't matter because they were of Frank and Brooks Robinson Rookie card as well as Barry Bond, Bench and Nolan Ryan. The guy threw in a couple Ripken cards too.

The O's start a home stand starting with the Nationals on Friday and I'm expecting a sweep to stop the Nationals somewhat recent success(in Nationals terms).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Come on Wiggy

Boy was that a crazy game last night. I thought Orioles Magic was going to pull one over on us again. What was Ty thinking when he rounded first, that's not the coaches call he obviously thought he could make it. I wouldn't expect that from Millar when he played here. I do have to give credit to Zaun that was so so close of a play at the plate that he just didn't get. Landshark field looked more like a little league game to. There was like no one there which doesn't make sense cause they are having a quite decent season.

On another note Nolan Reimold is going to be a huge contender for the rookie of the year. He is leading the rookies this year in home runs and RBI's and he started out quite a few games in to the season too. I will be going to the game on Saturday and am hoping I'll be able to see something interesting out of him.

What is up with all the trade rumors lately with Huff. He is on fire lately and has totally redeemed himself from bad mouthing Baltimore last year. Now just like Sherrill his worth might not ever got higher then this but still with everything going so good now why trade him away. O and I like how all this talk about the 1st baseman at Norfolk is heating up as soon as Huff trade rumors surface. I think people are getting ahead of themselves with bringing up these prospects. By all means the winning future of the club is in AAA and in Bowie but its going to be like were bringing up someone every other week. It doesn't look as if were going to Disney Land this year so why rush. I say in August start bringing up guys to see how they can handle. But hey what do I know.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The one to start it all

Well this is my first post of my new blog. For a little background information I am now a senior in highschool at birdland. O please I've had enough with this birdland stuff but it is catchy just like O's which has just been established by the press to use less font in the papers. But anyways I am new to blogging but not new to what this blog is about. I will try to update this daily but who really knows. I would like to thank Kevin of the Orioles Card "O" the Day blog. He is the main reason why I am doing this because like him baseball cards and baseball are two passions of mine. I'm gonna include some of my baseball cards is some of my blogs. Thats it for today. Goodbye my fellow birds.